It doesn’t matter if you are an established Class-A, looking for a better price, or if you are small, just getting started — we have the expertise providing insurance services to cover everything from your tools and equipment to coverage for the building itself. We help you minimize your time and energy spent dealing with insurance so you can get back to doing what makes you money.

Trucking and Transportation

From new owner operators to logistics company with dozens of rigs on the road, we have some of the most competitive carriers in the industry ready to assist you in getting the correct coverages with the correct state and federal filings. It doesn’t matter if all you need is a bobtail for a single tractor or a fleet policy for a dozen tractors — we have your people, tractors – and even you – covered.


With access to dozens of the top carriers, we have the right tools to cover everything from an inside corridor national franchise to an outside corridor small motel. With years of experience providing insurance services to franchisers, let our team help you simplify your business.

Convenience Store

Let our expert agents help you make sure that all those long hours you work aren’t wiped out by Mother Nature. With coverage for spoilage, signage, and theft, we will make sure that your business is covered correctly. With access to over a dozen of the top carriers, we will ensure that you receive the best price possible for quality coverage.