What is landlord insurance?

Landlord insurance is a type of insurance policy designed to protect individuals who own and rent out residential or commercial properties. It provides coverage for various risks that landlords may face, offering financial protection for both the structure of the rental property and the landlord's liability.

Who Needs Landlord Insurance?

Own a condo in Maryland? Renting out a beach house on Virigina Beach? We’ve got you.

Your home doesn’t need to be occupied 100% of the time to get coverage. Whether your property is vacant, rented out as a short-term rental (AirBnB), or you’re in the process of renovating or flipping, we can cover you.

What does landlord insurance cover?

Insurance policies vary, but most landlord insurance policies offer coverage for the following:

Property damage insurance

A landlord policy typically covers any physical damage to the home that's caused by fire, bad weather or criminal activity such as a break-in. It also covers any additional buildings, including a shed or detached garage. Equipment, like lawn mowers and snow blowers kept on the property to maintain it, is also covered.

Liability insurance

If someone is hurt while living in the rental property or visiting it, landlord insurance can help cover that person’s medical costs, legal fees and settlements.

Loss of income insurance

If your rental property is damaged by a covered loss, such as a fire or tornado, and the damage keeps you from renting it out, most policies will reimburse you for the income lost during that time.

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